Hi! We are Strong Teams ✊ and we run 100% virtual, private fitness classes for remote teams.

How it works…

We facilitate 100% virtual fitness classes for remote workers. The classes include a variety of techniques for strengthening your heart, mind and body and are specifically designed for people that work from home.

Our classes are run by experienced instructors with expertise both in health and fitness, as well as remote work. Each instructor crafts a unique class based on our proven formula for efficient, effective, accessible workouts.

Your class is run over a private and secure video conference platform, and up to 30 of your team members can attend. We schedule each class for 45 minutes at your preferred time, and are happy to accommodate international time-zones. If you have a larger group, then we can arrange multiple classes.

To get started, purchase a class pack below, and then our team will contact you to schedule.


$450 per class for up to 30 people ($15 each)

How to Book

  1. Choose a class pack below
  2. Pay via our secure payment portal
  3. Our team will email you to schedule your class

Check out our FAQ for common questions and answers.

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