Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is any equipment required?

A. Minimal equipment is required since most exercises either use body weight or common household items. A yoga or exercise mat is recommended for any floor exercises if available.

Q. What classes do you have?

A. You can select from the following classes: Pilates, Yoga, Barre, Dance Cardio, or Strength Training.

Q. Can difficulty level vary / how difficult are classes?

A. We can adjust the difficulty level to match your preferences.

Q. If I buy multiple classes, will they all be the same?

A. If you purchase multiple classes then you can select a series of classes in the style that you prefer or mix them up.

Q. What’s your max class size?

A. The maximum class size is 30. Please note, the pricing to secure the time and trainer is the same for all guest counts between 0 and 30.